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The Small Town Song and Human Morality, and other topics

More thoughts about that Small Town song, in that it reflects one stage (stage 3 of 6, actually) in a hierarchy of human morality; Facebook posts about religious claims, and Brian Cox’s take on the UFO hearings; And Republican plans … Continue reading

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Doomscrolling Climate Change; and Small Towns

The latest about climate change, and wondering when will the conservative deniers admit there is a problem; More about that vigilante justice country song, and Bruce Springsteen. Perhaps I should cut back on the doomscrolling. I don’t actually scroll looking … Continue reading

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My Uninterest in UFOs

No, I don’t mean disinterest. I’ve mentioned before that people who are unfamiliar with science fiction, or with science fiction writers and fans, tend to assume that SF folks are credulous along the lines of “believing” in UFOs, where “believing” … Continue reading

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Varieties of Psychological Illusions

Wokeness Wars and three Great Untruths; More on that study that explains why people think the past was better, despite evidence. – Jerry Coyne’s website today has this post: Andrew Doyle: The culture war is not fake, but real and … Continue reading

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Sinéad O’Connor, and That Small Town Song

Recalling Sinéad O’Connor.

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Horror and Exasperation

How young people are progressive, a problem for the GOP; Thomas Edsall on Republican and Democratic attitudes about masculinity; Climate experts express “horror and exasperation as global predictions play out”. Sometimes you have to wonder what conservatives are conserving. On … Continue reading

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Demographic Shifts

Issues with the increasing number of old people in the US; Issues with the fragmentation of evangelical churches. Salon, Mary Elizabeth Williams, 23 Jul 2023: Live long and flounder: An aging expert on the looming crisis of our longer lifespans, … Continue reading

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Gays, Small Towns, Climate Change Backlash

The increased visibility of L.G.B.T.Q. people as a sign of progress in a multicultural global society; Versus the sentiments of a country song called “Try That in a Small Town”; And global backlash against climate change policies as an indictment … Continue reading

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Three Philosophical/Scientific Matters

I’m spending most of today’s blog hour doing some housekeeping on the blog itself. For today’s post, just one item, sorta deep, sorta light. Big Think, Scotty Hendricks, 18 Jul 2023: 3 advances in philosophy that made science better, subtitled … Continue reading

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Living in History

We’re living through the hottest month and year in history. And it’s only going to get worse; Wondering why Trump fans adore him despite his incoherency and insincerity; And how conservative objections to LGBTQ books in a San Diego library … Continue reading

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