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Conservative Disregard for Science; Projections and Untruth; That Famous British Take-down of Trump

Update to my Projects page; The Supreme Court’s disregard for science; Anti-vaccine conservatives’ disregard for science; More about Trump’s and the GOP’s projecting about which party is trying to destroy democracy; How even Fox News is fact-checking Trumps “untruths”; And … Continue reading

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Choice, Binary Matters, and Projection

Another cool, mostly overcast, party sunny day. This is winter in the Bay Area: lows in the 40s, highs in the 50s. We walked the Montclair Railroad Trail, and checked various shops in the village for Christmas lights. One of … Continue reading

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Personal Jesus and Other Fantasies

How Russia is cracking down on the Gay Rights Movement, just as American evangelicals would like to do; A laughable debate about whether the Earth is flat or round, based on Biblical theology; A take on the economy that suggests … Continue reading

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Newsom, DeSantis, Santos, and the Threat of a Trump Dictatorship

Political and religious/political items today. The Newsom/DeSantis debate; The expulsion of George Santos; How ‘moderates’ like Nikki Haley would also eviscerate the government (i.e. what “draining the swamp” means to Republicans); Short items about DeSantis’ Bible; how inflation is fault … Continue reading

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Con Men and Bespoke Realities

End of November. The sun sets early; the house is chillier. We have our thermostat set to 68. And I think I’m approaching the finishing of one of my long-term projects. And still working on another. Adam Frank on learning … Continue reading

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Bathing, Evidence, Control, Dating, Social Security

Why daily bathing (just like trying to kill every germ in sight) may not be healthy; Items about Republican admissions they don’t have evidence for their claims; how they take credit for what they voted against; how the party of … Continue reading

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Last Questions and Possible Answers, 4

This is my fourth and likely last post, following this one in March and this one in June, and this one eight days ago, in which I consider the John Brockman book The Last Unknowns, in which he gathers deep … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know. Not Everything has Meaning. And Nihilism. Not What You Think.

Essay by Anne Lamott about what she’s learned at age 69; NYT’s Brad Stulberg about traumatic experiences and finding, or not, new meaning; A summary of my recent thinking about the narrative bias, metaphor, and “meaning”; Considering what “nihilism” is … Continue reading

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End of Thanksgiving Weekend

Late afternoon, Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. Just finished putting lights up on our two second floor balconies, that should come on automatically an dusk. — 5:10pm, they’ve just come on. Oops, except for one string that came on only half-way. … Continue reading

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Just ’cause you feel it / Doesn’t mean it’s there

Comments about that article that distinguished between “liberals” and “progressives”; Yet another piece about how “voters feel one way about the economy but act differently”; An historical overview about how the US economy is no longer the greatest in history; … Continue reading

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