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Recent Headlines

Let’s round up some recent headlines, with minimal comments and quotes. LA Times, LZ Granderson, 29 Jun 2023: Column: Sure, people are moving to Texas. But not for the reasons Gov. Greg Abbott claims

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Significance, and Links

More on yesterday’s post about intuitive morality; the idea of “significance”, and Alastair Reynolds’ new novel; and links and comments.

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Math, Existential Security, and Lots of Links

Abstract matters NYT, Alec Wilkinson guest essay, 18 Sep 2022: Math Is the Great Secret This is by the man who wrote a book, published earlier this year, A Divine Language: Learning Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus at the Edge of … Continue reading

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Lake Anza

Our visit to Lake Anza today, plus the usual daily dose of headline links following.

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Surfing the Web, Friday Afternoon

No backlog of links from this morning or yesterday, so I’m sitting down right now (4:30pm PDT) and surfing all my favorite website to see what jumps out. …Posting at 5:20pm. Slate, Marissa Martinelli, 15 Sept 2022: Deep Space Whine, … Continue reading

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Today’s Features and Headlines, 9 Sept 2022

Ursula K. Le Guin, Ian McEwan; that Hunter Biden movie; Republicans taking credit; proof of Trump’s threat; D.C. welcomes immigrants; Doug Mastriano’s personal prophet, who speaks with God.

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Today’s Headlines, 8 Sept 2022

Queen and empire; Religious employers against health care; Republicans making fun of sick people; Lebanon as America’s future under Trumpers; MAGA invokes 1st century BC; Another lame right-wing movie; Why American lives are getting shorter; The indefensible claims of “2,000 … Continue reading

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Recent Headlines, 7 Sept 2022

Busy with things including the heat. For now headlines from the past few days, lightly commented. I’ve skimmed them at best; some I will revisit and comment further. About not following your gut; the past 150 years of human history; … Continue reading

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Today’s Headlines and Backlogged Links

The Atlantic, Tom McTague, 12 Aug 2022: What America’s Great Unwinding Would Mean for the World, subtitled, “The conundrum facing America’s allies is how to cope with a great imperial power in decline that is still a great imperial power.” … Continue reading

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Links and Comments: Some Good News, and the FBI

Some recent news is actually quite good.

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