Today’s Features and Headlines, 9 Sept 2022

Ursula K. Le Guin, Ian McEwan; that Hunter Biden movie; Republicans taking credit; proof of Trump’s threat; D.C. welcomes immigrants; Doug Mastriano’s personal prophet, who speaks with God.

Book Riot, Catlin Hobbs, 7 Sept 2022: Who Was Ursula K. Le Guin?

A guide for newbies. Reaction on Fb to this item was, She died only four years ago and already there are people who’ve never heard of her?


The Atlantic, Adam Begley, 9 Sept 2022: Ian McEwan’s Anti-Memoir

Subtitle: “The author reflects on a charmed life—and all that could have gone wrong.”

About his forthcoming novel, Lessons, released next Tuesday.


Slate, Dana Stevens, 9 Sept 2022: I Watched the Hunter Biden Movie So You Don’t Have to

Subtitle: “To watch My Son Hunter is to experience an attempted red-pilling, directed by the bad guy from Goonies.”

The ideal intended viewer for fictional narratives like My Son Hunter appears to be someone who already subscribes to the belief system they spring from: As much of the GOP has decided over the past decade of governance, there is no longer any need to win new voters over to their side, only to keep the ones they have confined in a well-maintained media bubble.


CNN, Kate Sullivan, 9 Sept 2022: Biden calls out Republicans who took credit for infrastructure legislation they opposed

They’ve done this before.


NY Times, Jamelle Bouie, 9 Sept 2022: Biden Is Telling You That Trump Is a Threat, and the Proof Is Everywhere

Election deniers. The Claremont Institute looking for ways “Republican state lawmakers can toss out results they don’t like.”

It is not that Trump and the Republican Party are opposed to voting and elected office in and of themselves; it’s that they are opposed to a more equitable distribution of wealth and status, which a robust democracy — and only a robust democracy — makes possible. They are opposed to anything that might undermine the domination over others by people like themselves.


Washington Post, Gary Sampliner, 9 Sept 2022: The D.C. area is grateful for the migrants Texas is sending

With Abbott’s bus initiative — a costly venture likely to be funded in large part by Texas taxpayers — we’ve seen an apparent strategy to inflict maximum pain on our region and score political points, using vulnerable people as weapons aimed at pressuring the Biden administration into taking more drastic measures to seal our nation’s southern border.

But, despite the deeply cynical nature of Abbott’s plans, we might actually owe him a debt of gratitude.

We know that providing transportation is one part of establishing a dignified reception system for people seeking safety, and we’ve witnessed repeatedly the long-term payoffs to our communities and nation when we offer support to those in need of refuge.


Washington Post, Dana Milbank, 9 Sept 2022: And on the eighth day, God said: Let Mastriano win Pennsylvania

The man who literally prayed for rioters to sack the Capitol, running for governor of Pennsylvania, has his own personal prophet, Julie Green, who receives messages from Got “sometimes… twice a day.”

Axios reports that Mastriano’s associations with people such as Green have “raised eyebrows” in Republican circles. But Green is just one of many self-proclaimed prophets who have been predicting Trump’s political resurrection. In the MAGA age, they’ve reportedly got quite a following among Pentecostal and charismatic Christians. It’s one more sign (from on high?) of a movement gone bonkers.

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