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Friday 10 May 2024

A round of assorted items collected on the web the past few days. Here’s that item about what universities are for, that I couldn’t find the other day. The Atlantic, Derek Thompson, 8 May 2024: No One Knows What Universities … Continue reading

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Can Education Account for Evolutionary Change?

Steven Pinker on education, and how it might prioritize overcoming base intuitions that don’t apply in the modern world; The naturalistic fallacy and DeSantis’ and Fetterman’s objections to lab-grown meat. This month I’m working my way through the last ‘big’ … Continue reading

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Stupid or Evil?

The dictatorship theme continues. Are Trump supporters stupid or evil? A WaPo piece gives many examples of statements by them, dismissing his dictatorship intentions; then Salon’s Amanda Marcotte deconstructs them; Her take: “Regular readers know I’m Team They’re Evil, in … Continue reading

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Politics and Education

Two items about Jim Jordan; Two items about education. —— A couple more items about Jim Jordan (currently still trying to get elected to Speaker of the House). Salon, Amanda Marcotte, 19 Oct 2023: Jim Jordan’s curious rise: A tale … Continue reading

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Good News of 2022; What Success at College Means

NY Times, Nicholas Kristof, 31 Dec 2022: Cheer Up! The World Is Better Off Than You Think.

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The Opposite of Education

Sunday’s New York Times had this front-page investigative article (i.e. not a piece about breaking news, but one involving investigation over a period of time — as it says, “Over more than a year, the reporters interviewed more than 275 … Continue reading

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Recent Headlines, 7 Sept 2022

Busy with things including the heat. For now headlines from the past few days, lightly commented. I’ve skimmed them at best; some I will revisit and comment further. About not following your gut; the past 150 years of human history; … Continue reading

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Links/Quotes/Comments: 1 Sep 2022

About secularism, elections, misogyny and education, publishing ‘errors’, Trump supporters’ plans, and the real America.

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More on the Wars Against Education and Science

So many examples to keep up with!

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The Dangers of Education

Here’s an opinion piece in WaPo from a few days ago that acknowledges that what conservatives fear is true. Washington Post, Paul Waldman, 25 Aug 2022: Conservatives think education is a threat. They’re right.

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