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Ancient Apocalypse, Odds and Ends

The “Ancient Apocalypse” nonsense; Movie trailers; Political headlines.

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Change and Survival: A Refined Conception of Science Fiction

A couple items today have perhaps led me to a new formulation of the idea of “science fiction.”

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Extreme vs. Necessary Solutions

To the imminent destruction of the planet. Allow the human race to go extinct? Cut back on capitalist consumption? (Which would be worse?)

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Maps of the Universe

More things in heaven and earth. As a palette cleanser from my 26th, 23rd, and 16th November posts (and many previous), here’s a status check on the latest of what human beings have discovered, through systematic investigation (i.e. science), of … Continue reading

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Stories People Tell

Why pecan pie is quintessentially American; how Thanksgiving is supposedly about free enterprise vs. communism; why people don’t believe crime rates are down in big cities; how the TV show Yellowstone appeals to the conservative narrative about big government; why … Continue reading

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Bertrand Russell on the Philosophical Outlook

If you wish to become a philosopher, you must try, as far as you can, to get rid of beliefs which depend solely upon the place and time of your education, and upon what your parents and school- masters told … Continue reading

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Some Unpleasant Political/Religious Posts

The haters are doubling down.

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Readings: The 8 Billion and Climate Change

More on the 8 Billion, from Vox. And Elizabeth Kolbert’s “Climate change from A to Z.”

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Remembering Greg Bear

This isn’t the best photo of Greg Bear, but it’s the one I took, back at the 1984 Worldcon, in LA, the very first Worldcon I attended. I can’t tell what book he was holding, or waving — it’s his … Continue reading

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Links and Comments: 20 Nov 2022

Martin Rees on science v. catastrophe; the fine-tuning argument; why the expanding world population is a good thing; the latest mass shooting and Republicans. (I try to think of more interesting blog titles, but given time constraints just give up … Continue reading

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