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This Week’s Sciency Bits

False Memories and the Narrative Bias; Another piece with Lee McIntyre about misinformation vs. disinformation; And how the world’s population will likely peak by the end of this century, and then drop; And my thoughts on what the consequences would … Continue reading

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Today’s Political Items: History and Emergency

Paul Krugman on the history and current state of the Republican Party, as enabled by people like Mitt Romney; Tom Nichols on the current National Emergency, brought about by the Republican Party. NY Times, Paul Krugman, 18 Sep 2023: The … Continue reading

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Morality and Corruption

How society is becoming more moral, not less; How the press covers politics; Quick takes on the Republican Party as a racket, and the laughable impeachment of the Biden family as “corrupt” by supporters of Trump and his family. OnlySky, … Continue reading

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Flickering and Shining: Adam Lee on Red and Blue America

Nothing has caught my eye this weekend in the papers or on the websites to blog about. So let’s look at a couple recent essays by Adam Lee, who’s blogged for years and self-published one book collecting some of his … Continue reading

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Planning, and Semesters

When you’re retired, not working or going to school or driven by any particular schedule, as I’ve been more or less for a decade now, you tend to mark the passage of time by the holidays or vacations or family … Continue reading

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Why Some Religions Seek Atheist Approval

Greta Christina on how some religious believers, oddly, seek an atheist seal of approval. It makes a weird sort of sense. Greta Christina, AlterNet, 14 Sep 2023: Opinion | Why religious believers are so desperate for the atheist seal of … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theories from Apollo 11 to Today

Looking at today’s Phil Plait column at Scientific American, about his responses to a 2001 Fox TV program that claimed the Apollo 11 Moon landing was a hoax; The history since then about so many other conspiracy theories; And how … Continue reading

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Another Day of Examples of Beliefs vs. Reality

Another example of conservatives retelling history, from PragerU; How those with beliefs in subjective truths are more prone to conspiracy theories; How China is now using AI to sow disinformation to gullible Americans, and wondering how long it will be … Continue reading

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No Evidence vs. Evidence

Two items today. How Republicans are determined to impeach President Biden, despite lack of any evidence of his committing any crime (in striking contrast for former president Trump); How many people think crime is worse than ever, and the economy … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends from Recent Weeks

Today I’m catching up on numerous items from recent weeks that I want to note even though I haven’t had time to thoroughly read or comment about them. A couple of them, at least, I will revisit, because I need … Continue reading

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