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Needless Deaths, Groceries, and Trump vs. Jesus

David Wallace-Wells: why do Americans suffer so many “needless deaths” than other nations?; Why groceries are expensive is not an American issue; How some Trump-loving congregants deride Jesus’ teachings as “weak”. And Hans Zimmer’s “Journey to the Line,” from THE … Continue reading

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The Rule of Law, Degrees of Conspiracy Theorists, and Martin Gardner

If Trump’s trial is on TV, will Americans, even his supporters, accept the outcome?; How traditional conspiracy theorists are alarmed by modern conspiracy theorists; Recalling Martin Gardner’s Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science; And just noting a few … Continue reading

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Climate Change, Culture, the Economy, and Real Americans

Paul Krugman on climate change as a culture war issue; Florida censors come after Shakespeare, and educators flee the state; Robert Reich is confidant that Biden will get credit for an economy “that’s better off than it’s been in decades”; … Continue reading

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More About Who’s to Blame for Trump

A Slate writer responds to NYT’s David Brooks about how the “elites” are to blame for Trump culture; A David Brin post; Some quick links with comments… Phil Plait on seeing the Milky Way; And George Michael’s “You Have Been … Continue reading

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America’s Dominance and Decline

Just one substantial item today, compared to the several posted yesterday. If America is so great by some economic and military standards, why is our quality of life, compared to so many other countries around the world, so poor? Concluding … Continue reading

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Saturday Updates

More from NY Times on Republican plans to let climate change wreck the planet; Updates on stories about DeSantis slitting throats and A.P. Psychology in Florida; Another story about a Republican claiming credit for a Biden initiative that he fought; … Continue reading

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Figuring Out Trump Voters

Two views to explain the loyalty of Trump voters. There was a long NYT op-ed by David Brooks posted a couple days ago and printed in today’s paper, offering an irresistible counter-intuitive thesis. And a response today by a writer … Continue reading

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Sagan & Druyan: Propensities and Predispositions

A couple hours ago I finished that Carl Sagan/Ann Druyan book I mentioned a couple days ago, and it’s remarkable how its conclusions resemble my own recent observations about how certain forms of human morality align to conservative politics, and … Continue reading

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More on the Latest Indictment

Goofy Republican responses to the latest indictment, about Federal employees, and to the teaching of psychology; The spectacle goes on and on, as the US experiences what some are saying is the most important legal indictment in its history: John … Continue reading

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Conservative Morality

Items today respond to the latest indictment of a certain former president, how his supporters respond, and me trying to wrap my mind around what his supporters think morality and law and order actually is. But I have an idea … Continue reading

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