David Barton, Just this once

Life is too short for this kind of post very often, but once in a while I can’t resist.

Discredited historian David Barton (whose book about Jefferson was withdrawn by its [Christian] publisher Thomas Nelson, for gross inaccuracies), claims that good scientists and mathematicians must first have a proper fear of the Lord.

This would explain why science (and therefore technology) in non-Christian nations like China and India doesn’t work.

Oh, wait.

(Or are scientists in those countries ‘bad’? What would that mean? Science works the same everywhere. There is no Christian science vs Muslim science vs Buddhist science. Science works independently of, and despite, any kind of religious faith.)

In his latest pronouncement, Barton claims that Everything The Bible Says Will Eventually Be Confirmed By Science.

No, it won’t. (A trivial application of the Jack Smith rule.) If anything, the trend is pretty obviously in the opposite direction.

As Right Wing Watch comments,

Obviously, it is now only a matter of time before modern science conclusively proves that adulterers, homosexuals, heathens, blasphemers, and rebellious children must be put to death, just like the Bible says.

As far as I can tell, Barton makes a living telling credulous Christian fundamentalists what they want to hear.

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