Five Reasons Why Secular Humanism Is Winning

Despite the anguishing of right-wingnuts over science and gays, the trend in society is apparently away from fundamentalism.

To summarize:

1, the current generation is more secular than ever
2, religion has become less fundamental
3, modern scientific research is focused on fixing the human condition
4, philosophy has been reclaimed from theology
5, secular humanist principles have market appeal

From item 4:

When philosophers are not forced into religion and can follow their conclusion wherever evidence and reason lead them, the majority come to the conclusion of atheism and naturalism. In fact, about 70% of modern philosophers are atheist, despite the overwhelming majority of the general population still endorsing theism. This is because honest inquiry, for people informed in the correct disciplines, simply cannot support theistic beliefs. The philosophy of the future (if not already the philosophy of today) will be naturalism and secular humanism. For a further study of dominant trends in mainstream professional philosophy, see here.

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