Answers for Creationists

Today both Phil Plait at Slate and Mike D on his blog respond to the Buzzfeed listsicle of 22 messages from Creationists who held up questions to those who ‘believe’ in evolution. (‘Believe’ is not the right word; as Plait says, “Because science isn’t a belief system.”)
Phil Plait:

I have found that most creationists who attack evolution have been taught about it by other creationists, so they really don’t understand what it is or how it works, instead they have a straw-man idea of it.

Mike D answers them too, more briefly, and then concludes,

The questions show a total disconnect from reality; most of these people haven’t the slightest clue how evolution, cosmology, or science in general actually works. The only thing they know about atheism is what they’ve been fed by people like Ham, which is to say they know nothing. The only way to think these are credible questions is to be totally insulated from critical inquiry of your doxastic community. Or, to quote Christopher Hitchens speaking to Sean Hannity: “You strike me as someone who has never read any of the arguments against your position, ever.”

[‘doxatic’ refers to logic concerned with reasoning about beliefs]

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