Hans Zimmer and Interstellar, again

Very happy to see this post on Slate by J. Bryan Lowder: Music of the Spheres: In Interstellar, Hans Zimmer scores the universe.

This is to follow up my earlier post, Interstellar…Music, which concerned complaints that the music overwhelmed to the film to a distracting degree.

I’ve also seen newsgroup posts about how the entire soundtrack obscures the dialogue, and makes the film hard to understand. I think this is all a matter of sound editing, or perhaps the director’s prerogative about the sound of the film. It makes me inclined to wait to see the film until it’s on DVD, when I can turn on subtitles.

Despite these kinds of issues, Hans Zimmer is one of my favorite film composers, as I mentioned in that earlier post. And I’m fascinated by the comment in the linked article that Zimmer deliberately delayed the release of the soundtrack for Interstellar, so that people would hear the score in the context of the film, before hearing it on its own.

Conflicted about whether I want to see the film now, despite all the complaints, aesthetic and otherwise.

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