Links and Comments: Balancing the budget; the existential threat of atheists

Balancing the federal budget has a simple-minded, intuitive appeal, but it’s not actually necessary. The nation is not a family; and even families don’t balance their budgets from year to year. (E.g. mortgages.)

Vox: Families don’t balance their budgets, and neither should the federal government

Paul Krugman has discussed many times, but it’s nice to link to another source.

You’d think even Republican politicians would understand this, but of course, they’re playing to a base that doesn’t.


Friendly Atheist: New Research Shows the Existential Threat Atheists Pose to Believers; No Wonder We’re So Disliked!

Which of course supports my Provisional Conclusion #8: the resistance by believers to anything that would threaten their worldview.

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