Lost in Space, Season 4

While sorting through a couple old file cabinets today, deciding what I should keep and what I can toss, I came across a file that I must have discovered some 30 years ago, when I was obsessed with rewatching childhood favorite TV shows, back in an era before DVDs or Netflix or even VCRs. I recall the film/TV library at UCLA… is that where I found this? Don’t recall, can’t be sure. In any case, this seems to be a set of TV Guide-like descriptions for a potential fourth season of the TV series Lost in Space — which, obviously, was never produced. Judging from the recurrent themes and the simplistic episode titles, this does have a certain air of authenticity. But I cannot vouch for this, other than to reproduce here something I came across, somehow somewhere, 30 years ago.

#1, “Vaults of Infinity”
While the crew of the Jupiter 2 decide to begin using the still unopened auditorium in the lower levels of their ship, Dr. Smith discovers a vast weapons vault and seizes control. The Robinsons hide out in the gymnasium, while the Jupiter 2 plunges uncontrollably toward a black planet.

#2, “Planet of No Return”
Everything is black on the black planet – including a ferocious monster threatening our heroic travelers. Smith tries to steal the J2 while the Robinsons are out on an excursion in the Chariot, but is captured by the black monster.

#3, “Space Monster”
When the J2 escapes the black planet, they are astounded to see the black monster leap into space after them! Meanwhile, Smith tries altering the course of the J2 for Earth, but instead turns the ship directly into the jaws of the dreaded beast!

#4, “Guts In Space”
Still trapped within the dreaded space creature, the Robinsons form a daring plan to escape – but the plan requires Smith to perform a heroic maneuver in the gymnasium. Will Smith have the courage to do it?

#5, “Space Fight”
Still trapped in the space monster, the Robinsons become desperate when the creature engages in a fight with another such creature. Will they survive??

#6, “Jupiter, Jupiter”
The Robinsons discover an exact duplicate of their ship floating abandoned in space. Who built it and why? Little do they know it’s an evil plot to steal the real J2!

#7, “Planet in Space”
The Robinsons crash on a dangerous planet due to break up in 10 hours. Dr. Smith hinders repair efforts when he becomes intoxicated by local fauna.

#8, “The Lost Planet Earth”
Star fixes indicate the J2 has arrived near our solar system, but instead of Earth they find a similar, but different, planet inhabited by a hostile race of andorids. Did they conquer the real Earth, or are the Robinsons’ star charts fouled up?

#9, “Repairs in Space”
The robot is captured by an alien spacecraft in need of mechanical expertise to repair their star drive. While there, the aliens reprogram him to wreak havoc aboard the J2. Then the aliens offer to repair the J2 – for a price!

#10, “Music of the Planets”
The Robinsons land on a planet during a music festival, the prize of which is free passage to anywhere in the galaxy. Dr. Smith and the Robot begin tuning up, but when Will wins the biped semifinals, Smith resorts to scheming to accomplish his goal.

#11, “The Mysterious Cave”
Smith finds a strange coat in a cave full of ancient alien relics which transforms him into an alien leader, searching for his long forgotten followers.

#12, “Attack of Dimensions”
A meteor storm produces a strange earthquake which jolts the J2 into a strange dimension – then another, then another. Monsters from each cling to the ship to battle it, and their counterparts from other dimensions.

#13, “The Hollow Planet”
The Robinsons discover a hollow planet, but once inside, the opening seals and leaves them trapped! They discover another ship inside, ready to begin a deadly cat and mouse game.

#14, “Rock Creatures of Graniton”
The J2 crashes on the planet Graniton, and are met by the hideous rock creatures, who demand they leave immediately – or be crushed to death.

#15, “Space Race”
Dr. Smith enters the J2 in an intergalactic space race, and is faced with stiff penalities if the worn-out J-2 doesn’t meet minimum time requirements. When the race gets underway, evil alien sabotage begins.

#16, “Magnet Planet”
The J2 is drawn irresistably toward the planet Magniton, and must negotiate with the evil creatures there for release – until the robot steps in, and is captured.

#17, “The Big Space Roundup”
The Robinsons are captured by an intergalactic cowboy who is herding a herd of space cattle to roundup. As payment for frightening some of his space cattle, he demands that Smith or Will capture the renegade, legendary Lost Cow of Arcturus.

#18, “Space Fog”
A mysterious fog in space transports the J2 from one magical planet to another, until they are hopelessly lost – but suddenly Earth appears before them. Can they reach Earth before the deadly fog sucks them back in?

#19, “The Galactic Witch”
A strange sorceress casts a spell on the J2, and despite full supplies ready to reach Earth, they can’t escape their planet! Unless Smith can make a deal – trade the Robinson family for the Jupiter 2.

#20, “Hijackers of Space”
The J2 is boarded by a mysterious alien who holds a gun at Dr. Smith’s head and demands to be taken to Aldebaran. But when they arrive, another alien kills the 1st and demands to be taken to the Aderan galaxy, or he’ll shoot Will!

#21, “Robot King”
A planet run by robots offer the Robinson’s robot a chance to be their ruler—but first he must renounced all ties with his human builders.

#22, “War with the Wonder Planet”
The Robinsons land on an idyllic, beautiful planet inhabited by a peaceful civilization, but then war breaks out with another planet and our heros, are caught in the middle of it. When Judy and Don are captured by the enemy – hideous monsters – John must face a decision: help negotiate or continue to destroy.

#23, “Creature in Space”
As the Robinsons leave their latest planet, they discover that a hideous monster has snuck aboard and hidden itself in the greenhouse. As the Robinsons hunt the deadly beast, Smith discovers that it wants to take over the ship and return to Earth, and becomes its accomplice.

#24, “Feast in Space”
The Jupiter 2 visits the Intergalactic Culinary Guild, where the family samples the tastiest dishes in all of space – until one of the chefs decides for his next dish he needs…. Dr. Smith.

#25, “Slime Planet”
The Jupiter 2 lands on a planet covered with slime and electric shocks. As their ship is slowly sinking into the green goo, the Robinsons race to make their ship ready for liftoff – until Smith accidentally opens the door and the slime floods inside.

#26, “Shadows in Space”
The Jupiter 2 passes through a dark region of space which turns everyone grumpy and quarrelsome –even the robot, whose crying rusts his gears.

#27, “Space Cake”
A special birthday party for Penny is disrupted when cosmic rays from a nearby comet storm affect the ship’s course – and turn the cake into a glowing, living being.

#28, “Magenta Monster”
The dreaded creature is held capture by a passing space traveler – until Smith lets it escape, endangering the lives of Will and Penny and bringing his captors’ wrath – the space traveler turns the rest of the Robinsons into formless ghosts.

#29, “Planet of the Space Police”
The Jupiter 2 is captured by an intergalactic space patrol ship, which carried it to their planet. The Robinsons don’t know if they are suspects or merely witnesses – until Smith is discovered trying to bribe an official for passage back to Earth.

I’ve discovered a similar set of descriptions for a hitherto unknown Season 4 of Star Trek, which perhaps I might post as well.

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