Index to Reviews

I’ve built a page here for reviews, books and films, that I’ve posted here since mid-2013, when the “Views from..” blog was established, succeeding the earlier Locus Online editorial blog. The link is in the header above. I’ll go through the earlier blog eventually, though I don’t think there are nearly so many substantial reviews there. Also, I occasionally post film reviews on Facebook that aren’t always copied here; I’ll track those down too.

I might also add, for anyone who cares, that I read many more books than ever get written up here. I almost always take notes as I read, and type them up into a Word file (I’ve been doing this for 20 years), but I less often go the next step and condense my notes into any sort of posted review. (At the moment, I do intend a post or two about Robert Silverberg’s short fiction through 1975, which I read late last year, and which covered many books; and James Gleick’s recent nonfiction Time Travel, which I finished last week; and Hugo Gernsback’s notorious ‘classic’ SF novel Ralph 124C 41+, which I finished yesterday.)

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