Not a Facebook post about Trump

I am not watching the inaugural this morning. I can’t bear it. I’ve even stopped watching most TV news, in the last week or two.

For decades, I have watched the Today Show every morning, on NBC, for at least the first half hour (before, especially in recent years, it devolves into consumer reports and fluff in the 2nd half hour, and in later hours). It was when I turned on the Today Show on 11 Sep 2001 at 7am West Coast time that I saw the second tower fall; it was on a Saturday morning in 2003 on the Today Show that I saw news of the Space Shuttle Challenger’s breakup as it descended over Texas.

I’m not sure I can still keep watching the TV news, including the Today Show. I cannot stand watching the vile, despicable person with his fourth-grade vocabulary who seems to be our new president, nor the simpering propaganda minister Kellyanne Conway, who, if Trump really did shoot someone on 5th avenue, would come on TV the next morning to explain how what he did was perfectly appropriate, and, anyway, Hillary.

There seems to be nothing that Donald Trump can say or do, however vile, that his supporters will not defend, and condemn anyone who does not.

I’ve tried hitting mute. It doesn’t work. I don’t think I can watch at all.

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