For years I’ve been bemused by TV commercials that show shiny happy people living glorious lives, with a narrator who claims the benefits of some prescription drug that you should consult your [particular specialist] about.

(I gather that such commercials are allowed in the US but prohibited in the rest of the world. That’s a separate issue.)

But now, at age 63, I find myself in exactly the audience for such commercials; I’m now old enough to have such specialists, who can prescribe various special drugs. I now have both a gastroenterologist, and a cardiologist.

This is a good thing. The reason life expectancy is rising in the world is that medical technology is advancing, and people have access to it (even with the dicey access to medical care in the US).

See your doctor, take care of yourself, take their prescriptions. (And, don’t read the internet for diagnosis or prescriptions.) And we can all live to be 90.

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