Music: Depeche Mode, It Doesn’t Matter

This past weekend, with family members (and dog) here for the long weekend, the subject of Depeche Mode came up, a group my son-in-law M and his wife H had never heard of. (They were both born around the time DM was most popular.) So I went down to the garage where my repository of CDs sits and brought upstairs my collection of some 8 or 9 Depeche Mode albums, and (while they all cooked in the kitchen) played selected tracks from the various albums, the songs I still remember after decades.

I cemented on Depeche Mode in the late ’80s, albums like Some Great Reward and Black Celebration, and would go jogging, at night after dinner, in Tarzana, with songs like this one ringing through my head.

The single best DP album is likely Music for the Masses, a compilation. “Never Let Me Down Again.” “Strangelove.” “Behind the Wheel.”

Electronic, goth, and a bit gay.

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