That Berkeley Bridge

OK, so maybe I’ll keep posting something every day, just cut back on all the politically oriented links. Maybe just a photo. Maybe a quotation, a passage like the one from Bertrand Russell the other day. And nice photos. More photos.

For today: We did a walk on Saturday of yet another section of the East Bay shoreline, an area just south of University Avenue called Brickyard Cove (does this link bring up a Google map, appropriately scaled? It seems to). I didn’t realize it was right by the famous pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Interstate 580. It’s famous because of its gentle arch, its bluish color, and for the fact that it’s a prime spot for protestors, who hang banners from the bridge for drivers to see. Everyone who drives up and down the 580 — and that section along the Berkeley shore is one of the busiest freeways in the Bay Area — sees it every time.

So in addition to our walk around the rather barren peninsula of Brickyard Cove, we walked over the bridge, and back. Here are another couple pics.

A post like this takes only 10 minutes. I can do that every day.

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