Robert Reich on Red vs. Blue

  • Robert Reich on red vs. blue states;
  • Shorter items about the eagerness of Republicans to kill people (not just dogs); MAGA blaming Biden for Red Lobster; Red states anxious to discriminate against LGBTQ students; a pastor who apparently truly thought he could raise his wife from the dead; and how Christians blame Madonna for a flood in Brazil.
  • And a final thought about the potential for humanity to survive.

Here’s Robert Reich, yesterday.

Robert Reich, 13 May 2024: America’s second civil war? It’s already begun, subtitled “If Trump is elected, he’ll make it worse”

Despite the popularity of the recent movie “Civil War,” we’re not on the verge of a second one. But we are separating into so-called “red” and “blue.” And if Trump is reelected president, he’ll hasten the separation.

Reich presents a series of policies from red states and blue states. I’m inclined to summarize them in the same kind of table I put up a few days ago.

Red States Blue States
Harder to get abortions, easier to buy guns Several states have codified the right to abortion; provide expenses; expanded protections
Banning diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives Not doing that; encouraging diversity
Suppressing votes; “election police” Not doing that; everyone should vote
Banning teaching the history of America’s racism Not doing that; acknowledge American history
Requiring transgender students to behave in ways that reflect their sex at birth CA enacted law to make the state a refuge for transgenders
Making it harder to protest, qualify for public assistance, form labor unions Not doing that; preserve rights and social assistance
Passing “bounty” laws to allow private citizens to file lawsuits Not doing that; not doing vigilante law
(Still thinking Covid was a lie.) Coordinating policies across states re Covid consequences

This doesn’t match point for point, but it’s a useful alignment, I think. I’ll quote from the remainder of the article.

But as blue and red states separate, what will happen to the poor in red states, disproportionately people of color?

“States’ rights” has always been a cover for racial discrimination and segregation. The poor — both white and people of color — are already especially burdened by anti-abortion legislation because they can’t afford travel to a blue state to get an abortion.

They’re also hurt by the failure of red states to expand Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act, by red state de facto segregation in public schools, and by red state measures to suppress votes.

If Trump is elected this November, the separation will become even sharper. When he was president last time, Trump acted as if he was president only of the people who vote for him — overwhelmingly from red states — and not as the president of all of America.

We are becoming two Americas — one largely urban, racially and ethnically diverse, and young. The other, largely rural or exurban, white and older.

But rather than civil war, I see a gradual, continuous separation — analogous to unhappily married people who don’t want to go through the trauma of a formal divorce.

America will still be America. But it is fast becoming two versions of America. The open question is the same as faced by couples who separate: Will the two remain civil toward each other?

This sounds right to me, because as I’ve said, the vast majority of people live their daily lives and don’t pay much attention to politics, or what the ‘other side’ is doing. This is how we survived the first Trump administration, and might even survive a second, if you don’t pay attention to anything outside your day to day life. As long as it doesn’t involve….


Shorter items.

Slate, Austin Sarat, 14 May 2024: This Should Be a Wake-Up Call to the Biden Administration on the Death Penalty

This is more about Project 2025, and how it reveals Republican’s eagerness to kill people. And how they lie about the supposed crime wave.

“Capital punishment,” the Project 2025 report concedes, “is a sensitive matter.” But it quickly leaves such delicacy behind and delivers red meat for its conservative readership.

“The current crime wave,” it continues, “makes deterrence vital at the federal, state, and local levels. However, providing this punishment without ever enforcing it provides justice neither for the victims’ families nor for the defendant.” The facts belie this claim about a crime wave — but the report uses it to offer a death penalty one-two punch.

First, “the next conservative Administration should therefore do everything possible to obtain finality for the 44 prisoners currently on federal death row.” “Obtain finality” is a convoluted way of saying execute them and do so with dispatch.

It’s not just dogs and goats Republicans are eager to kill!


MAGA morons blame the closing of Red Lobster on Biden.

Newsweek, 14 May 2024: Red Lobster’s Sudden Closing Sparks MAGA Backlash


They *want* to discriminate. More tribal morality.

Joe.My.God, 14 May 2024: Four More Red State AGs Join Moms For Threeways In Suing Biden Admin Over LGBTQ Student Protections


How religion disconnects you from reality.

Joe.My.God, 14 May 2024: SC Pastor Claims He Tried To Raise His Wife From The Dead After Her Suicide: I Thought She Would Wake Up


This suggests that conservative Christians are no different from the base superstitious. Of course we’ve seen examples like this over and over.

Joe.My.God, 14 May 2024: Christians Blame Madonna For Fatal Flood In Brazil


I am beginning to think that a modern, complex, worldwide culture, simply cannot emerge, given the tendencies of tribal morality. And that means humanity will not be able to solve global problems.

Every day I reread and copy-edit my post from the evening before. If this comment is still here, I have not yet done so for this post.

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