When They Tell You Who They Are, Believe Them

Actually it was Maya Angelou who said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time,”, which I looked up after typing the title above.

Today’s post is another summary of political items, in this case about Republican responses to Trump’s conviction on fraud charges in New York City a few days ago. Keep in mind that much of this is projecting. This is what they would do to Democrats, if they could, and some of them even say so.

Items at aggregate site Joe.My.God yesterday and today.



AlterNet, Carl Gibson, 1 Jun 2024: ‘May God strike them dead’: Trump supporters vow to dox jurors and make them ‘miserable’

Not a party of law and order; a cult, driven by defiance of norms, and revenge. A cult.


Right Wing Watch, Peter Montgomery, 31 May 2024: MAGA Martyrdom Machine Portrays Felon Trump as Victim, Vows Revenge


Media Matters, 31 May 2024: MAGA media rage in response to Trump’s 34 guilty verdicts

Fox News stars and other MAGA media commentators have responded to former President Donald Trump’s historic criminal conviction in a New York court with apocalyptic rhetoric and demands for retribution.

Followed by a long list of citations, similar to my list above, from sources including Fox News, War Room, Triggered, The Sean Hannity Show, and Newsmax.


Other mainstream responses.

Slate, Nitish Pahwa, 30 May 2024: How MAGA World Closed Ranks Around Felon Trump, subtitled “You know who is doing the real crimes in this country, don’t you?”

*Everyone* is a criminal and is corrupt, except of course for Donald Trump. Another example of the Trump cult.


Vox, Zack Beauchamp, 30 May 2024: Why the ludicrous Republican response to Trump’s conviction matters, subtitled “Republicans are busy attacking the legitimacy of the American legal and political system. We’ve seen where that leads.”

Everything is a conspiracy against them, say the Republicans. Says Mike Johnson. The writer responds. With nuances likely imperceptible to Republicans.

But Democrats didn’t convict Trump; a jury of 12 ordinary Americans did. The Biden administration played no role in prosecuting the case; the indictment came from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and was issued after federal prosecutors declined to go after Trump on similar charges.

Johnson knows all that, but it doesn’t matter. His goal is to support Trump’s narrative that the entire American political and legal system is controlled by Biden and Democrats: a banana republic, not a democracy worthy of its name. A range of leading Republicans — from House Majority Steve Scalise to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to rising Senate stars Josh Hawley and J.D. Vance — have all said basically the same thing.

At this point, you might be wondering: Is any of this surprising? Trump always claims he’s the victim of a conspiracy, and Republicans always end up backing whatever Trump says.

But that’s precisely the problem. The current Republican party is so hostile to the foundations of the American political system that they can be counted on to attack the possibility of a fair Trump trial. Either Trump should be able to do whatever he wants with no accountability, or it’s proof that the entire edifice of American law and politics is rotten.

Republican either don’t know these facts, and are thus dimwitted, or are lying about them. Which alternative is more consistent with a cult? The article goes on about the insurrectionary ideology.


NY Times, Santul Nerkar, 31 May 2024 (published in today’s paper, 1 Jun 2024): How Partisan Media Outlets Covered Trump’s Guilty Verdict

With examples on the right from The Daily Wire and The National Review; on the left from The New Republic and The Nation. Their responses are predictable. I think I’ll add these items to my chart.


Again, these are expressions of base, tribal, human nature. The experiments over the past two or three hundred years of the Enlightenment, and democracy, seem to be fading.

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