Prothero and Vick on that debate

Donald Prothero summarizes the Nye-Ham debate.

Tristan Vick explains why he didn’t watch the debate, but sides with those who think it was a good idea.

We have to debate Creationists, if anything, to share the accumulated information, the bulwark of human knowledge, and give them something tangible to think about. Otherwise, how will they ever learn anything? They are all trapped inside massive echo chambers of faith.

He also notes that the questions the Creationists asked weren’t serious inquiries.

These Creationists weren’t curious to know how or why things work in the world. They merely wanted to know how their religious beliefs could be considered wrong by those who thought and felt differently. Every single one of the 22 questions posted reflect back on how they perceive their cherished beliefs, beliefs they cling to, it had nothing to do with them wanting to learn about this or that thing or some such as it relates to the real world.

That’s the big reason their version of the way they see the world simply will not last. Because their version doesn’t wish to concern itself with the way the world really is. There is a detachment here, and this lack of curiosity, this lack of desire to understand, will cause them to fall behind the curve of progress and eventually they will have no choice but to leave their failed beliefs behind or adapt them into something new, something most likely bizarre, in order to stand the test of time.

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