The Passing of Blind Obedience to Decaying Creeds

Traditional religionists are in panic, it seems, from advances in social policy concerning same-sex marriage (which we proponents call “marriage equality”) and other things like legal euthanasia (is your right to die your decision – or the government’s?). Here is Adam Lee summarizing this issue, and by the way challenging a rival blogger who had mentioned his earlier post (without linking it) and then deleted comments concerning it, rather than posting a public response.

Clearly, religious apologists feel the world, which they once thought they owned, is slipping away from them; that they’re losing their privileged status as the sole arbiters of morality. You can understand their anger and desperation in this light.

Naturally, the apologists are eager to cast this as a rebellion against goodness itself. The truth is that their view, which is based on blind obedience to decaying creeds, is being replaced with something better: a morality that’s based on reasoned debate and human well-being. The churches and their advocates still command significant power, but they can no longer just assert that something is God’s will and expect to receive deference. If that prospect frightens and upsets them, perhaps it’s because they don’t have any backup arguments to offer.

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