Weekend in Oakland

Back from another weekend in the Bay Area, looking at potential new homes and hanging out — dinner at The Terrace Room on Lake Merritt, in downtown Oakland, Friday evening after I flew up; a nice dinner with unexpected entertainment, Halloween costumes and a jazz band with dancers on a dancing floor.

Saturday: another round with our Peninsula realtor Denise, to see several new homes, including a lovely potential place on Winding Way (we’ve asked Denise to make an offer — though since properties on the peninsula are so competitive and typically sell with multiple bids and for over listing price, we’re not holding our breaths for a successful outcome).

That evening, a Halloween party with friends Jeff and Emily in Campbell, just outside of San Jose, with their 2-year-old boy Caiden, with whom I was happy to play with and follow around and keep out of trouble…

Sunday: an hour-long hike from the Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve trail head off Skyline Drive, to the Huckleberry Path trail head just south. A moist, hilly, forested path, quite unlike the dryer hillside hiking trails in SoCal. Then, a visit to a couple Open Houses along Skyline Drive. And then a trip into The City, San Francisco, for the afternoon and evening: Union Square, Chinatown, the Castro area. Dinner at Catch, on Market Street. Then a drive north on Castro up to Geary, past the Japanese Pavilion, and then down to the 101 and back across the bridge to the Oakland Hills.


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