Links and Comments: Arc of Social History; Academic Freedom

Just a couple recent items for today.

NYT: A March Toward Acceptance When Civil Rights Is the Topic. (This was the in-print title; the title at the link is different.)

The arc of history. If these charts went further back, I’d expect similar trends about interracial marriage (in the 1960s), women’s suffrage (a century ago), and slavery (150 years ago). Religious conservatives of those times resisted those advances, of course.


If academic freedom doesn’t lead to correct conclusions, make those pesky academics sign statements of faith that they cannot reach conclusions based on their investigations of the real world that contradict the best thinking of our ancient desert sheep-herding ancestors, who thought the world was flat. (Or at least, don’t tell the *children*!)

Professor Resigns from Christian College After It Mandates Acceptance of Young Earth Creationism.

Which refers to earlier article If Faculty Members Don’t Accept Young Earth Creationism, This Christian College May Fire Them, from which:

Not all Christian schools require you to preach Creationism like Bryan is about to, but college should be a place where students are made to think critically about their beliefs. Bryan administrators are telling these faculty members not to challenge them at all — the Bible says it so there’s no room to question it. It’s the opposite of preparing them for the real world. Instead, Bryan College is billing itself as the place to go if you want to remain in a Christian Bubble for life.

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