Thomas L. Friedman on Anonymous

Brilliant take by Thomas L. Friedman: ‘Anonymous’ Is Hiding in Plain Sight: The G.O.P. crowd who accepted the devil’s bargain is huge.

That’s the anonymous-G.O.P. credo today: We know Trump is a jerk, but you’ve gotta love the good stuff — you’ve got to admit that his tax cuts, deregulation, destruction of Obamacare and military buildup have fueled so much growth, defense spending and record stock market highs that we’re wealthier and more secure as a country, even if Trump is nuts. So our consciences are clear.

This view is not without foundation. Economic growth and employment have clearly been on a tear since Trump took office. I’m glad about that.

But what if Trump is actually heating up our economy by burning all the furniture in the house? It’s going to be nice and toasty for us — at least for a while — but where will our kids sleep?

Is the current economy “a sugar high that not only will be unsustainable but will leave our economy far more vulnerable in the long term?”

I am coming to think that the so-called Faustian bargain Republicans and conservatives have made with Trump –- to accept that such a despicable person should lead the country, in return for control of the Supreme Court to (try to) make abortion illegal and favor Christian interests –- simply means that those long-terms goals are just as ideological vacuous and despicable as Trump himself is. If you can only win by lying and cheating, you don’t have a case, and you don’t deserve to win.

Reality, eventually, will prevail.

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