Ron, Ken, Howard

Following up on the end of the previous post…

Ron Hardcastle died in 2014. He was only 12 years older than me, but since I was in my mid-20s when I met him, he was half again my age, and it seemed like a lot. Here’s a brief LA Times obit, with a pic.

Ken Rudolph is still alive and well, apparently. He’s a member of the Motion Picture Academy and apparently reviews virtually every film that comes out. Here’s his movie reviews page, and his main page.

All I can find online about Howard Faye is this post from 14 years ago remembering his death 10 years before, on a soc.motss archive page that includes a post from Ken Rudolph. (motss = members of the same sex, an early online newsgroup.) But I have these two pics, which I took.

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