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Science fiction

Asimov’s Science Fiction, Norman Spinrad, Sept./Oct. 2002 issue: The Future of Humanity, the Humanity of the Future

The best current science fiction reviewer in the field, here covering Benford, McAuley, and others. Alas, this is not a permalink; it’s a generic link whose content is replaced every two months with each new issue’s book review column. And Spinrad only does three columns a year (every other bimonthly issue).


Guardian, Lisa Tuttle, 9 Sept 2022: The best recent science fiction and fantasy – reviews roundup

Good, concise reviews of new books by Paul McAuley and Christopher Priest, among others.


Big Issues

Axios, David Nather and Margaret Talev, 12 Sept 2022: Two Americas Index: Democracy deniers

Differences of opinion between Democrats and Republicans.


Persuasion, William Galston, 12 Sept 2022: What Is National Conservatism?, subtitled “The movement could be the future of the American right.”

National conservatives do not distinguish between the liberal political tradition and the excesses of today’s liberal culture. They see the focus on individual rights—and on the conceptions of equality and liberty that flow from them—as corroding traditional beliefs and practices. They are convinced that they must sacrifice the liberal baby to get rid of the progressive bathwater, and they are all too eager to do so.

Embracing unfettered majoritarianism in the pursuit of virtue is no virtue. It is hard to overstate the danger to pluralism and liberty that lies at the end of this road.


Current Politics

NY Times, Michelle Goldberg, 14 Sept 2022: Lindsey Graham’s Unbelievably Cruel Abortion Ban

Washington Post, Editorial Board, 14 Sept 2022: Lindsey Graham’s abortion bill is hypocritical — and dangerous


Washington Post, Greg Sargent, 15 Sept 2022: Ron DeSantis’s repulsive Martha’s Vineyard stunt is made for Fox News

Miami Herald, Editorial, 15 Sept 2022: With shameful Martha’s Vineyard stunt, DeSantis dishes out cruelty with a smirk

San Francisco Chronicle, 15 Sept 2022: Ron DeSantis may have kidnapped migrants, Gavin Newsom writes to DOJ



Slate, Myke Cole, 15 Sept 2022: Here We Go Again With This 300 Crap, subtitled “What is it with the right wing and Sparta?”

They like the story more than the truth.


CNN: 15 Sept 2022: New Hampshire GOP Senate nominee abruptly backs off false 2020 election claims

Whoa! He lied to win an election, and then *admitted* he’d lied. “The election was not stolen,” he admitted.


Salon, Areeba Shah, 14 Sept 2022: Trump fully embraces QAnon on Truth Social — hours after obsessed supporter allegedly killed wife, subtitled “The FBI has labeled QAnon a domestic terror threat, but Trump is going all in on the conspiracy theory”

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