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Why You Should Read Books

Busy day today, including dialogue about the future of Locus Magazine, so here it is 5:23pm and I have time only for a very brief post. Jerry Coyne: Why you should read books

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Fifteen Months Out

The drenching storm anticipated for Sunday was mostly a bust. Intermittent showers, even a squall or two, but mostly dry. We got only a quarter inch in our neighborhood. No rain today at all. (The storm had been predicted to … Continue reading

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Ursula K. Le Guin, “Forgiveness Day”

This week’s novella being covered by the Facebook Group that I post about every Sunday is “Forgiveness Day” by Ursula K. Le Guin. It was first published in the November 1994 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction, and less than a … Continue reading

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Lake Anza

Our visit to Lake Anza today, plus the usual daily dose of headline links following.

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Surfing the Web, Friday Afternoon

No backlog of links from this morning or yesterday, so I’m sitting down right now (4:30pm PDT) and surfing all my favorite website to see what jumps out. …Posting at 5:20pm. Slate, Marissa Martinelli, 15 Sept 2022: Deep Space Whine, … Continue reading

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SF Reviews by Spinrad and Tuttle; Political Issues, Trends, Headlines

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Recent Features and Headlines, 14 Sept 2022

Ockham’s Razor; Randall Munroe; The best time to be alive; nephew of longtermism; political headlines.

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Themes that Go Together; Nonexistent Gods

NYT, Paul Krugman, 12 Sept 2022: Ukraine Deflates MAGA Macho Myths

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The Opposite of Education

Sunday’s New York Times had this front-page investigative article (i.e. not a piece about breaking news, but one involving investigation over a period of time — as it says, “Over more than a year, the reporters interviewed more than 275 … Continue reading

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Frederik Pohl’s “Outnumbering the Dead”

This week’s novella covered by the Facebook Group reading Gardner Dozois’s big anthology first discussed here is “Outnumbering the Dead” by Frederik Pohl. Coincidentally, it was first published as a chapbook, in December 1992, in the same UK publisher’s line … Continue reading

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