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Ls&Cs: Steven Weinberg

The physicist Steven Weinberg died last week. He wasn’t as famous as Stephen Hawking, but he was arguably nearly as significant, succeeding several decades ago in unifying two of the four fundamental forces into one theoretical framework (the weak nuclear … Continue reading

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L&C: The Cosmic Ruler

Here’s a nice graphic summary of one of the great advances of science (in particular, astronomy) in the past century.

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Ls&Qs: Denying Reality, Rewriting History

It gets worse and worse.

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2021: My Heart & Kidney Transplants

Last November I wrote a longish post here about the heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery I had in late October, 2020. Here’s a similar (but shorter!) post about my heart and kidney transplants in May, 2021.

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Ls&Cs: Changing Minds; Religions and Cults; Abortion; Wishful Thinking

Catching up on some links from a few weeks ago.

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Ls&Cs: Other Ways of Knowing…What?

There have been debates for decades among scientists on the one hand and those with no interest in, or who are even hostile to, science, on the other. The latter insist that “other ways of knowing” are as valid as … Continue reading

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L&C: The New Yorker on Cults and Narratives

As if I had cued it with yesterday’s post about Why People Believe, particularly the final item by David Brooks, as well as the last of my four new provisional conclusions, the new issue of The New Yorker has a … Continue reading

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Blue Marvel Relaxation

The hospital rooms where I stayed for several weeks in May and June, had TVs, of course, mounted on the walls with remotes operated from the beds.

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Links and Comments: Why People Believe

Links from recent weeks, on political themes. The point, as always, isn’t to rag on Republicans or conservatives, it’s to collect case studies on epistemology: how and why people believe what they do. More and more, Republicans and conservatives have … Continue reading

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L&C: Bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray

From a long Facebook post by one Thomas Clay Jr. (a journalist and author of at least one book): here.

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