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LQCs: Conservatives Anchoring Us to the Past

How the Supreme Court decision about Roe v Wade suggests that no laws can be made about anything that was not recognized as an issue two or three centuries ago. The US is forever anchored to past standards, it seems. … Continue reading

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LQCs: Constraining Rights

As I’ve observed before, conservatives, especially the Christian ones, seem to be about constraining rights (for others) and expanding rights (for themselves), while liberals are about expanding rights for everyone to the extent they don’t conflict with each other. Why … Continue reading

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LQCs: Wrong About Everything

Texas, climate change, gays, guns, Christians

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Ed Yong’s New Book

Another quick post. Ed Yong, the science writer, has a new book out today — in fact my copy is running late, and will be delivered tomorrow — called An Immense World — about how animals perceive the world much … Continue reading

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Port of Oakland

We did a walk yesterday along a path by the Port of Oakland, along the backside of all those huge gantries that are seen from all across the bay, but especially from the Bay Bridge. (Expand the pic, and you … Continue reading

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More Thinking about Women and Men

To follow up on yesterday’s post, two items today.

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Proper Ways of Thinking: Women Without Men

NYT, Pamela Paul, 21 June 2022: She Wrote a Dystopian Novel. What Happened Next Was Pretty Dystopian.

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LQCs: “Born This Way” Doesn’t Matter

Here’s an article that makes good points about the changing demographics of gays and lesbians and transgenders, but for me misses the key reason that the “born this way” argument is irrelevant. Salon, Julia Serano, 17 Jun 2022: It’s time … Continue reading

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LQCs: Trek v. Handmaids

There’s a graphic meme going around on Facebook — no, of *course* I can’t find it now, or a link to it — that compares America’s possible future as being Star Trek’s or The Handmaid’s Tale‘s. The former’s vision of … Continue reading

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Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in. Robert Frost

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