A Helicopter Ride

A few photos from an undated helicopter ride, on a gloomy day, from Rocketdyne in Canoga Park to the Rockwell facility in Downey CA, about a 40 mile drive and so somewhat shorter by direct flight. Probably mid 1990s. Why didn’t I take a photo of the copter itself? I suppose I was being discreet.

Alan got the front seat next the pilot on this trip.

This looks like Hollywood, north of downtown LA, and looking north, toward the Hollywood sign on the hill, and Griffith Observatory to the right of it.

Looking to the west, this is Santa Monica Blvd., with Beverly Hills neighborhoods on the right and the two triangular towers of Century City in upper left.

Then two photos of the Downey facility itself, with part of the copter in view.

This must have been on the way back; it looks like the 405 freeway, with gated estates in the hills on either side above it.