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Links and Comments: Cognitive Biases, Trump, and Reality

A recurrent theme: human mental habits do not perceive reality accurately. Here on Huffington Post is a huge circular graph, a Cognitive Bias Codex, grouped into four quadrants and 20 ‘buckets’. Here’s a link to an enlarged version of the … Continue reading

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Obduction, 2

Rather more quickly than I expected, I am back to report completing Obduction, the new computer game from the makers of the Myst franchise, about which I previously blogged, for reasons that slightly soured me on the entire game. I … Continue reading

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Obduction, 1

For anyone who’s wondered about my lack of posts here lately — it’s because I’m recovering from my obsession with the game The Witness by becoming obsessed with the new Myst-like game Obduction, which I’ve been preoccupied with since its … Continue reading

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