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Skiffy Flix: Flight to Mars

It’s been a while since I’ve watched and posted about a “skiffy flick,” that is, a science fiction movie from the 1950s, plus or minus a decade, when science fiction movies were very popular — or at least, a lot … Continue reading

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Gun Violence and Mental Illness

Observations about gun violence in the US and its relationship to mental illness. Last month Washington Post published results of a survey, asking AR-15 owners why they bought and owned them. Washington Post, 27 Mar 2023: Why do Americans own … Continue reading

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A Warm Friday Afternoon

For today, several links and comments, and only one quote. About: The Ten Commandments in Texas; The ambitions of powerful men; The potential loss of literacy; Simon Winchester’s book about the transmission of knowledge; Jerry Coyne on Jesus ‘n’ Mo … Continue reading

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The Relative Risks of Being Alive

The latest scientific studies of the effects of alcohol have concluded that the best amount of consumption is as little as possible, and how this is best understood through statistics about all kinds of risks; Robert Reich’s take on Trump … Continue reading

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Intuitive TV and Movie Physics

Remember this? Remind you of anything? This is the logo that would appear at the end of a Universe Pictures movie in the 1930s.

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Robert Reich Speaks, Writes, and Cartoons

More about Robert Reich’s appearance at UC Berkeley last night; and summary notes about his book Economics in Wonderland.

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Saw Robert Reich Today

At an event on the UC Berkeley campus, Zellerbach Hall. Later afternoon, 5:30pm, and so home at 7:30 for dinner and now running a little bit late. So longer post about this tomorrow. Cal Performances: An Evening with Robert Reich. … Continue reading

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The Continued Deadly Consequences of the Obsolete Second Amendment

The latest in the endless commentary about gun violence in the US: items about how America fails the civilization test; how gun violence is worse in Red States (despite what the Republicans say about big Blue cities); and how the … Continue reading

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A quiz about which personality quiz applies to you

The Atlantic, Kelly Conaboy, 18 Apr 2023: What Your Favorite Personality Test Says About You, subtitled “Are you a Myers-Briggs person, an Enneagram person, or something else? The Atlantic made a quiz to help you find out.” (Updated Sun 23 … Continue reading

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Our New Hillside, and the usual political matters

First of all, tree trimmers have been near us for two days, trimming and potentially cutting down the eucalyptus trees on the hillside next to our house. This is welcome news because eucalyptus trees are fire-prone, and because a couple … Continue reading

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