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L&Cs: Learning from Others; A Universal Education

Americans mostly resist considering what other countries in the world are doing that objectively makes their economies better, or their health and prosperity higher, than the US’s, because Americans are “exceptional,” and, like, the greatest country ever. I suspect most … Continue reading

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SF L&Cs: About SF and Politics; with an Endpiece

Here’s the second SF link of the three I mentioned several days ago. I don’t have an opinion about this piece yet, since I haven’t read it; I noted it as the fairly uncommon item in the general media that … Continue reading

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L&Cs: The Ethics of Transplants

Today six and a half of us took five hours to buy two Christmas trees. The piece here was in the New York Times today, posted online four days ago. It’s relevant not just because I went through the transplant … Continue reading

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SF L&Cs: The Danger of Books

Today the Bay Area cousins had a mid-afternoon “pie party” at one of their places in Foster City along the canal. An occasion to bring left-over pies from Thanksgiving? No; everyone brought fresh, even home-made pies, and other food as … Continue reading

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SF Ls&Cs: Mary Shelley and Science Fiction

I should be more conscientious about posting about science fiction on this blog, which the subtitle at the top at least *implies* is a central theme. So I have three SF topics lined up, posting one today.

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Ls&Cs: A Few Recent Headlines

Investing; astrology and narcissism; fear as self-defense; insurgency in America.

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L&Cs: Blacklisted in Texas

Andrew Solomon.

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L&Cs: Wars on Education

Controversies like the current one over the teaching of “critical race theory” have, of course, happened before.

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Links & Comments: How the Media Should Cover Indecent Politicians; The Streisand Effect

It’s the beginning the holiday season, which means I’ll get less done. I’m a little like Isaac Asimov, in the way that he famously preferred to stay at home (in his Manhattan highrise, with the curtains closed) to read and … Continue reading

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Ls&Cs: The Middle Ground Between Conspiracy Theorists and Rationalist Control

Anti-Conspiracy Theorists aren’t always right either; headlines from The Guardian about White reasoning and how facts don’t change minds.

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