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Thought Leaders

A couple days ago I was dipping into Peter Singer’s latest book, Ethics in the Real World: 82 Brief Essays on Things That Matter, and saw him mention something about his being a “thought leader” according to some German outfit … Continue reading

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Link and Comment: the Fed

I read three daily newspapers now — the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, which I have delivered by paper to my home in Oakland — and still the Los Angeles Times, via a web browser subscription that … Continue reading

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Links and Comments: Mostly about the Evils of Religion, Not to Put Too Fine a Point on It

Tonight, many links and comments about religion, especially on this day when thin-skinned Muslim terrorists murdered French journalists who had dared to insult their omniscient, omnipotent god by drawing mocking cartoons about Muhammad. Some of the reaction has been to … Continue reading

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Links and Comments: Gay Marriage; Evangelical Doomsday; Natural Selection is not a guide to life; Jibbers Crabst; the power of faith, and science, and physics

Slate’s William Saletan: A Conservative Case for Gay Marriage, subtitled, “How to talk to your antigay religious relatives about same-sex unions”. Key points: homosexuality is not a sin, because it’s not a choice; it’s not harmful, but is in fact … Continue reading

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More Links

No essay today; some days several things I read on the several dozen websites I check daily relate, or one special item is worthy of response, and other days that doesn’t happen. I have however expanded the Links column considerably … Continue reading

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New Links

Gradually consolidating bookmarks I have on three different computers (one at work, two at home), into the right sidebar here. Added today, some science sites, including Astronomy Photo of the Day, and a couple comics, xkcd and Jesus and Mo. … Continue reading

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