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Why Progressives Are Moving to the Right: For a Simpler Story

Busy pre-holiday weekend — making rusks and another batch of lemon bars. So only a single item for today, setting aside yet again the more substantial topics I alluded to yesterday. Here’s one of those pieces where I react to … Continue reading

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Link Dump from Recent Days

Catching up on links from the past week, in no particular order. Subjects are: Another take on why people are pessimistic about their economic futures; Trump’s dictatorship: “History shows that autocrats always tell you who they are and what they … Continue reading

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November Links

Catching up on unused links from the past three weeks. A couple of these I’ll return to in detail. Salon, Nicole Karlis, 23 Nov 2023: The case for bringing a dish of gossip to Thanksgiving this year

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Today’s Links

Only time today for a few quick links, which I may or may not expand upon in future posts. OnlySky: The methadone of the people, subtitled “As long as the human condition is characterized by suffering, the vulnerable will seek … Continue reading

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Facebook Idiocy

First, a Facebook video I’ve seen linked by my Fb friends several times. Remember, these people’s votes count as much as yours or mine.

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Facebook Saves from Recent Weeks

For today, some Facebook saves, without comments.

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Today’s Headlines, 25 Aug 2022

Let’s do this again. One headline each from a bunch of sites I look at every day.

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Today’s Headlines, 24 Aug 2022

Nothing urgent today. Let’s just round up a batch of headlines, one each from my usual sources. Without comment.

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Ls&Cs: Writers’ Blogs; The Secret in the Diary

I should have established that the context for yesterday’s piece about Republicans and Democrats was not about partisanship, but as another example of a counter-intuitive notion, how things have changed over the decades and centuries, so that what might seem … Continue reading

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Aug-Sep Ls&Cs: Revising the Decline of Credulous, Mansplaining Fossil Fuel Flat-Earthers and Klan Refugees

From early August through early September — back at the beginning of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, when Covid deaths in the US hadn’t yet reached 700,000.

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