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For today, some Facebook saves, without comments.

Leigh Grossman (appears to be a friends-only post) quoting James F. McGrath.

There are people who are currently complaining about the forgiveness of student loan debt who have literally prayed “forgive us our debts” EVERY SUNDAY of their adult lives…


MSNBC, Chris Geidner, 25 Aug 2022: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago lawyers have some real explaining to do, subtitled “The legal debacle unfolding in Florida makes Trump’s post-election clown-car operation look positively professional in comparison.”


Twitter post by Jon Schwarz

As Biden cancels (some) student debt, remember why the debt exists. A key Reagan advisor warned in 1970 that free college was producing the dangerously explosive “dynamite” of an “educated proletariat,” and “we have to be selective on who we allow to go through higher education”:

Later in 1970, Roger Freeman — a key educational adviser to Nixon then working for the reelection of California governor Ronald Reagan — spelled out quite precisely what the conservative counterattack was aimed at preventing: “We are in danger of producing an educated proletariat. That’s dynamite! We have to be selective on who we allow go through higher education. If not, we will have a large number of highly trained and unemployed people.” The two most menacing sources of the danger described by Freeman were obviously those two great public university systems charging no tuition: the University of California and the City University of New York. Governor Reagan was able to wipe out free tuition at the University of California

Comment by Schwarz:

For people asking, this is a screenshot from “Vietnam and Other American Fantasies” by H. Bruce Franklin. Freeman was quoted in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle on October 30, 1970, p. 13. You can find it via the Chronicle archives.


Post by Atheist Republic, with text over cartoon graphics of God looking down on a man on Earth.

Why we’re all sinners:

I shall make you an imperfect flawed being who is sinful by nature.

How dare you be an imperfect flawed being who is sinful by nature!

You deserve to be punished for being the imperfect flawed being who is sinful by nature that I created you to be.


Facebook post by As Above, So Below, quoting Rudyard Kipling:

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.


Facebook post by Atheist Republic, quoting Richard Dawkins:

How thoughtful of God to arrange matters so that, wherever you happen to be born, the local religion always turns out to be the true one.


Post by Atheist Republic, showing a laughting priest.

You mean that MORMONS actually believe that Jesus came to America, that wearing magic underwear will ward off demoic attacks, and that when they die, they will be teleported to a distant planet where they will become gods in their own right? That’s RIDICULOUS !!!

Now please excuse me while I eat some magic bread which transforms into the actual flesh of a 2000 year old dead Jewish Zombie, so that I can be forgiven for a sin I was born with because a magic rib woman was tricked into eating a piece of fruit by a talking snake.


Post by Astrid Julian quoting “i stop typing”, from August 7.

All this Alex Jones courtroom stuff is a textbook example of how my absolute favorite thing is watching people accustomed to interacting with people less intelligent than they are suddenly having to deal with interacting with people more intelligent than they are.

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