Today’s Headlines, 25 Aug 2022

Let’s do this again. One headline each from a bunch of sites I look at every day.

New York Times, Paul Krugman, 25 Aug 2022: Student Debt Relief Versus the Scaremongers

Washington Post, Marisa Iati, 25 Aug 2022: Texas requires ‘In God We Trust’ signs in schools. A man wants some in Arabic.

Slate, Zachary D. Carter, 25 Aug 2022: What the Critics of Loan Forgiveness Are Forgetting, subtitle: “Functioning societies eliminate burdensome debt all the time.”

Salon, Brian Karem, 25 Aug 2022: America has a chance to retreat from madness: Will the midterms save us — or doom democracy?, subtitle: “Some Trump voters are ripe for deprogramming. Instead of calling them names, let’s work together to save America”

Vox, Constance Grady, 25 Aug 2022: Book publishers just spent 3 weeks in court arguing they have no idea what they’re doing, subtitle: “The Justice Department is suing to block Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster’s proposed merger. The publishers’ defense hinged on their own incompetence.”

The Week, Brigid Kennedy, 25 Aug 2022: Court blocks Arkansas ban on health care for transgender kids

Axios, Russell Contreras, 25 Aug 2022: More alienated Latinos are turning to unofficial saints

Boing Boing, Jason Weisberger, 25 Aug 2022: The White House points out Marjorie Taylor Greene’s duplicity on loan forgiveness

Big Think, Don Lincoln, 25 Aug 2022: No, the James Webb Space Telescope did not disprove the Big Bang

The Atlantic, Ed Yong, 25 Aug 2022: A New Test for an Old Theory About Dreams, subtitled “When a sleeping animal’s eyes twitch beneath its eyelids, is it looking around a dream world?”

The New Republic, Maria Laurino, 25 Aug 2022: Safe Haven “Baby Boxes” Are a Medieval Horror Show, subtitled “The right touts them as proof that the need for abortion rights is passé. But they’re rooted in an old Catholic practice that scarred and stigmatized women for centuries.”

Why Evolution Is True, Jerry Coyne, 25 Aug 2022: “All the Light We Cannot See”, a fantastic book

Media Matters, 25 Aug 2022: Right-wing media erroneously claim Biden “facilitated” search of Mar-a-Lago

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