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Progress in 2023

For this last post of the year, I’ll link several year-end pieces about progress in the world, where most people see only continued doom. (I’ll do a separate post, about progress against my goals in my own life, soon.) NY … Continue reading

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After Holiday Break: Trip Report: LA and LV

We were away from home for a week, from Saturday the 23rd to Friday the 29th. Here’s a summary.

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The Defiance of Conspiracy Theorists

Quick item from Facebook today. From Adam-Troy Castro, a science fiction writer seemingly better known for his Facebook posts than for his fiction. This is about Flat-Earthers, conspiracy theorists, psychology, and the argument from personal incredulity. I’ll quote the whole … Continue reading

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Before Holiday Break

Quick post, likely the last one for several days, perhaps a week. Topics: RFK’s lies; Big Think’s “Explain It Like I’m Smart” series; How the humanities have become more political; the most mystifying open questions in science; why a university … Continue reading

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Sources of Meaning

How the Catholic League finds meaning at Christmas only in its own teachings, while presuming everyone else must be miserable; How Republicans have found tribal meaning in Christian Nationalism; How Republicans search for voter fraud only among populations who would … Continue reading

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People Prefer a Softened Reality

A Big Think piece about over-hyped science and astronomy claims from this past year; Adam Lee on Benjamin Franklin’s “noble lie”: that people need religion in order to behave; And an Endpiece about current holiday activities. I’ve mentioned before that … Continue reading

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Whether Economics is a Science, and other topics

Paul Krugman on economists who won’t admit they are wrong; How science journalism is theatened, not to mention basic scientific literacy; Disinformation and journalists challenging interviewees on air; How Uganda’s anti-gay laws, inspired by American Christians, is hurting its economy; … Continue reading

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A Way to Talk Around the Problem

The “same color” illusion — an example of how we cannot trust our senses; How Rudy Giuliani descended into MAGA, and whether we’re all equally susceptible; How right-wingers are triggered by tap-dancing in the White House to The Nutcracker; Brief … Continue reading

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Why Progressives Are Moving to the Right: For a Simpler Story

Busy pre-holiday weekend — making rusks and another batch of lemon bars. So only a single item for today, setting aside yet again the more substantial topics I alluded to yesterday. Here’s one of those pieces where I react to … Continue reading

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Threat or Loser?

How Trump is destroying democracy and democratic culture; Or do Trump’s weaknesses assure he won’t win?; Short items about the Satanic Temple, and a new GOP slogan. Here’s a piece that takes a wide perspective on the presence of democracy … Continue reading

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