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Lc&Cs: The Sad State of Education in America

“Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe.” —H.G. Wells

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Ls&Cs: Stuff, Terms, Panics, Rules

Maybe we should all just buy less stuff. How citizenship has given way to consumerism. Why partisans deliberately confuse terms like expenses and investments. And how some rewrite history in support of ideological narratives.

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Ls&Cs: Cancel Culture; Leaf Blowers; a Smaller Population

Today’s thought: It occurs to me that “cancel culture” exists on both the left and right. The left is more apt to target individuals (Jerry Coyne responds to an attempt by the Imperial College London to rename anything named after … Continue reading

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Family History: Architectural Photos: Fermilab

Here are photos of the first of two big architectural/engineering projects my father was involved with over the course of his career, during the late 1960s into the 1980s, though his career went on from there. These are iPhone photographs … Continue reading

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Ls&Cs: Foundation, Dune, and Long-Term Projects

I haven’t seen the new Dune movie and am not sure I will, in part because my partner just doesn’t care about that kind of movie (and I could never do anything like going to see a movie by myself), … Continue reading

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Family History Mystery

–Solved. Glacier Lake, 1965.

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Ls&Cs: Meaning and Happiness

Kant’s take on happiness; Arthur C. Brooks’ three bite-sized dimensions to the meaning of life; Thomas B. Edsall on whether conservatives are happier than liberals.

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Ls&Cs: Latest on Climate Change

Now 99% agree.

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L&Cs: Christakis on COVID and Altruism

A Big Picture item: what does our COVID response say about humanity’s capacity for altruism?

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Ls&Cs: Prayer Breakfasts, Social Bubbles, and Talking Too Much

Why is there a National Prayer Breakfast? Why do some Christians think death is such a good thing? Is COVID to blame on Maine lobsters? Is the answer to misinformation tighter social bubbles, or simply to stop talking so much?

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