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The Supreme Court’s Conservative Rollback

Topics today: This week’s Supreme Court decisions on affirmative action and discrimination against gays; My wondering why such discrimination against, say, mixed-race couples, and people of other religions, isn’t also OK (or maybe it is?) Republican hysteria about immigrants, whom … Continue reading

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Recent Headlines

Let’s round up some recent headlines, with minimal comments and quotes. LA Times, LZ Granderson, 29 Jun 2023: Column: Sure, people are moving to Texas. But not for the reasons Gov. Greg Abbott claims

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Conceptions of Aging, and of Traveling

The South Korean tradition of aging is giving way to the tradition of the rest of the world; The many ways traveling is problematic; And the idea of virtual traveling. Here’s a fascinating example of how different cultures think differently … Continue reading

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Stomping the Floor and Deafening Applause

Let’s see how my thesis of yesterday might inform some of today’s news. How Republicans don’t want to solve problems, they want to stomp the floor to protest people they feel threatened by; How Republicans define crime; Shifting the goal … Continue reading

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Savannah Morality and Conservative Values

Thinking about the morality of primitive humans living on the Savannah, tens of thousands of years ago — apparently the basis for conservative morality unto this day; How DeSantis, authoritarian, is worse than Trump; How MAGA women reject modern options … Continue reading

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Trip Report: Preservation Park and the Locus Awards

No blog post yesterday; I was busy from about 2pm to around 8pm attending one day of the Locus Awards Weekend (this link might expire soon) in downtown Oakland, about 10 miles down the hills from our house.

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Summer Solstice; Reality and Illusions

The summer solstice is a consequence of basic facts about the Earth and the solar system, which apparently few people understand; Another example of how debates are usually pointless, including political debates; Another take on the false idea that people … Continue reading

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Debate Is Not the Way to Do Science

Because debate is all about winning an argument toward a preconceived conclusion, not trying to identify truth. Vox, 22 Jun 2023: Joe Rogan wants a “debate” on vaccine science. Don’t give it to him., subtitled “How to have better conversations … Continue reading

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Primitive Priorities of Survival: The Conservative Mindset

There’s something going on with the conservative mindset that isn’t what they say it is. Salon, Amanda Marcotte, 21 Jun 2023: “Too stupid to know better”: MAGA eats up Trump’s idiot president defense, subtitled “Evangelicals, in particular, feel a flock … Continue reading

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The Biggest Thing Conservatives Believe That Is Wrong

That there was a golden age. NY Times, Adam Mastroianni, 20 Jun 2023: Your Brain Has Tricked You Into Thinking Everything Is Worse

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