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Let’s round up some recent headlines, with minimal comments and quotes.

LA Times, LZ Granderson, 29 Jun 2023: Column: Sure, people are moving to Texas. But not for the reasons Gov. Greg Abbott claims

Four of the nation’s 10 largest cities are in Texas: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin. Gov. Greg Abbott would like you to think that’s because of the economic policies of the Lone Star State.

Abbott’s ideal Texas household is white, Anglo, cisgender and straight. The three-term governor has made that clear through the policies he pursues.

Gist: Abbott is doing everything he can to diminish the political power of those cities, where the population growth is occurring, largely from Latino and Asian immigrants looking for good jobs. Not because of Abbott’s regressive policies.


NY Times, Thomas B. Edsall, 28 Jun 2023: This Is Why Trump Lies Like There’s No Tomorrow

Because he can, and his amoral fans don’t care; they see his behavior as a strength.


Salon, Amanda Marcotte, 28 Jun 2023: More than Trump ego maintenance: GOP move to “expunge” impeachments is part of their war on history, subtitled “Authoritarians don’t just want to control the distant past, they feel entitled to erase events we all remember”



Salon, Heather Digby Parton, 28 Jun 2023: Republicans reignite the red scare in service of Trump, subtitled “Why the right has suddenly returned to screaming about communism”

They need to be scared about something.


Salon, Ashlie D. Stevens, 29 Jun 2023: “Give us pizza or give us death”: Conservatives blame “pink-haired liberals” for ruining NYC pizza, subtitled “Here’s what Elon Musk, Lauren Boebert and Dave Portnoy are all missing about NYC’s new pizza oven ordinance”

Even something silly as this.

…it seems like some right-wing public figures are still looking for reasons to get mad….

…some conservatives aren’t letting facts stand in the way of them making a complete spectacle of themselves.


Slate, Jim Newell, 27 Jun 2023: The GOP Is Scrambled on Its Anti-Abortion Message, subtitled “The right to abortion is only getting more popular among voters. The GOP candidates are only getting more extreme.”


Robert Reich, 27 Jun 2023: Who needs a civil war? America is already splitting, subtitled “Republican and Democratic ‘trifecta’ states are barreling in opposite directions at an astounding rate”

As I’ve said, there are now entire states I would not drive through, or visit. So much for my bucket-list idea of a weeks-long road trip back and forth across the country.


Joe.My.God, 27 Jun 2023: Tuberville Takes Credit For Project He Voted Against

This keeps happening.


Mediaite, 21 Jun 2023: Congrats to Don Jr. For Being The First To Turn The Missing Sub Into a Conspiracy Theory

It’s always about the Jews.


OnlySky, Adam Lee, 20 Jun 2023: Meet the Duggars: The secrets and lies of Christian patriarchy


OnlySky, Captain Cassidy, 27 Jun 2023: Will evangelicals be fooled by the ‘He Gets Us’ campaign?, subtitled “Even in recruitment, the most important part of evangelicalism, hucksters don’t care if what they sell works—only that it works to sell.”


A hilariously bad article at Christianity Today lauds the supposed runaway success of ‘He Gets Us’ marketing campaign. We examine the article on its own merits, finding it completely lacking.

Diving deeper, we discover a potentially very dark and ominous evangelical hope that may explain why they’re willing to sink $1B into this pathetic turkey of a campaign over three years.


Reality will prevail; it doesn’t go away.

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