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Obduction, 2

Rather more quickly than I expected, I am back to report completing Obduction, the new computer game from the makers of the Myst franchise, about which I previously blogged, for reasons that slightly soured me on the entire game. I … Continue reading

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Obduction, 1

For anyone who’s wondered about my lack of posts here lately — it’s because I’m recovering from my obsession with the game The Witness by becoming obsessed with the new Myst-like game Obduction, which I’ve been preoccupied with since its … Continue reading

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I completed The Witness’ Challenge yesterday, after some 50 tries over this past week. Following over 600 other puzzles on the Witness island to solve the primary game, which can be done at leisure, the Challenge is a timed set … Continue reading

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The Witness

I’ve been silent on this blog for three weeks now, mostly because I’ve been preoccupied by a computer video game called The Witness [Wikipedia]. I posted about this on Facebook on July 19th, and will reproduce that post, lightly edited, … Continue reading

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