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Education, Inculcation, Smart Kids, Evolution and Religion, Value Voter Summit

Two fine essays from this past Sunday’s New York Times. Frank Bruni: The Wilds of Education When it comes to bullying, to sexual assault, to gun violence, we want and need our schools to be as safe as possible. But … Continue reading

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Links and Comments from Recent Weeks, 18 Sep14

Or at least, a few of them. More to follow. Slate: It’s All Connected: What links creativity, conspiracy theories, and delusions? A phenomenon called apophenia. About why credulous folks see Jesus in a tortilla, or Mary in a tree stump, … Continue reading

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E.O. Wilson on Human Existence

Via Andrew Sullivan, a passage from E.O. Wilson’s new book The Meaning of Human Existence, to be published October 6th, yet already on the long-list for this year’s National Book Award for Nonfiction [scroll down]. Sullivan quotes, “In a nutshell,” … Continue reading

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