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Notes on Daniel Dennett, 1

I plan to post various kinds of responses to books I’ve read or am reading; some will be reviews, some will be notes with comments. This entry is one of the latter. (Note this only covers the first 60 pages … Continue reading

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Twitter So Far

So I created a Twitter account a couple weeks ago, initially to track someone posting comments about Locus Online, but mostly just to come up to speed with this form of online social media, as a publisher of an [online] … Continue reading

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Today’s Pet Peeve

Folks who pronounce the T in often. Even some very intelligent folks. But do they also do so in listen or moisten, words with similar derivations? They do not. Lose the T, please.

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Today’s favorite song – Moby

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Cory Doctorow on Father’s Day, and Scientific Method

Popular Mechanics: What My Father Taught Me: Cory Doctorow My dad was really good at making me think everything through. The scientific method is a totally counterintuitive thing because it begins by saying: You can’t trust your memory or your … Continue reading

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More Views

This is the initial post on my new blog, a sequel to the Locus Online editorial blog Views from Medina Road.

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