Today’s Headlines, 24 Aug 2022

Nothing urgent today. Let’s just round up a batch of headlines, one each from my usual sources. Without comment.

New York Times, David Wallace-Wells, 24 Aug 2022: The American West’s Haunting, Smoke-Filled Future

Washington Post, Dana Milbank, 24 Aug 2022: Another Republican lie is born

Slate, Mark Joseph Stern, 24 Aug 2022: Judge Blocks Biden’s Efforts to Stop Texas From Letting Pregnant Women Die

Salon, Ashlie D. Stevens, 24 Aug 2022: When it comes to making bourbon, why is corn so important?. Subtitle: “The law stipulates that bourbon has to be made with 51% corn — a decision rooted in history, geography and flavor”

Vox, Dylan Matthews, 23 Aug 2022: If you’re such an effective altruist, how come you’re so rich?

The Week, Catherine Garcia, 24 Aug 2022: California expected to ban sale of new gas cars by 2035

Axios, 24 Aug 2022: SoCal facing “precarious situation” as water levels hit historic lows

The Atlantic, Adam Harris, 24 Aug 2022: Biden’s Cancellation of Billions in Debt Won’t Solve the Larger Problem, subtitled “Belatedly canceling some debt is what a country does when it refuses to support students up front.”

The New Yorker, Louis Menand, 15 Aug 2022: American Democracy Was Never Designed to Be Democratic, subtitled “The partisan redistricting tactics of cracking and packing aren’t merely flaws in the system—they are the system.”

NYT Science, Andrew Jones, 24 Aug 2022: Marvel at the James Webb Space Telescope’s largest image of the cosmos yet

Big Think, Cameron English, 24 Aug 2022: The most valued trait in a friend will surprise you

OnlySky, Will Gervais, 24 Aug 2022: Is religion rooted in childhood gullibility?

Boing Boing, Jennifer Sandlin, 24 Aug 2022: Christian furries who don’t want Christians to know they’re furries and don’t want furries to know they’re Christian

Joe.My.God, 24 Aug 2022: DeSantis Calls For Assaulting Fauci: “Somebody Grab That Little Elf And Chuck Him Across The Potomac”

Right Wing Watch, Kristen Doerer, 24 Aug 2022: Far-Right Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer Predictably Refuses to Concede

Media Matters, 24 Aug 2022: Right-wing media promise to harass Anthony Fauci in retirement if Republicans win back control of Congress

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