Facebook Idiocy

First, a Facebook video I’ve seen linked by my Fb friends several times.

Remember, these people’s votes count as much as yours or mine.

A public group on Facebook is America’s Cultural Decline Into Idiocy (ACDII), though has someone there has pointed out, most of the posts are examples of ordinary human idiocy, not necessarily American. Though it’s public I don’t know if people see posts until they’ve joined the group. But here’s the latest post at the moment, some images of what must be comments to an original Fb post.

When I was 6 my sister was half my age. Now I’m 70. How old’s my sister?

[comment] 35. Let’s have a hard one next time please.

[comment to comment] It says half so half of 70 is 35. Wow. Go back to school guys.

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