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Links & Comments: Today’s Headlines; Other Recent Links

About our national decline; how vaccine mandates are mostly working; violence in support of Trump; skewed news coverage; and public resistance to a health mandate in 1847, about doctors’ washing hands.

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Ls&Cs: Letters to the NYT

Two letters in NYT’s SundayReview section yesterday capture two obvious objections to religion claims that have been around for eons but which the religious have never satisfactorily answered.

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Facebook Memes 19Sep21

From this past week, about philosophy, billionaires and Fox News, the flawed Ten Commandments, what expertise is about, fear the Covid plan will work, conspiracy theories defined, and a protestor’s spelling.

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Facebook Memes 8Sep21

I will start compiling memes I see on Facebook, mostly without comment. These of course are anecdotes; they’re the equivalent of “people are saying” comments from a certain former president, though unlike him, I have Facebook share counts to indicate … Continue reading

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Ls&Cs: Steven Weinberg

The physicist Steven Weinberg died last week. He wasn’t as famous as Stephen Hawking, but he was arguably nearly as significant, succeeding several decades ago in unifying two of the four fundamental forces into one theoretical framework (the weak nuclear … Continue reading

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Links and Comments: Why People Believe

Links from recent weeks, on political themes. The point, as always, isn’t to rag on Republicans or conservatives, it’s to collect case studies on epistemology: how and why people believe what they do. More and more, Republicans and conservatives have … Continue reading

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L&C: Bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray

From a long Facebook post by one Thomas Clay Jr. (a journalist and author of at least one book): here.

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Ls&Cs: Paul Krugman on Ignorance and Conservative Values

Two op-ed pieces this past week by New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.

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Ls&Cs: Utopias; Crises; Paranoia

A sidebar article in last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine interviews Rutger Bregman. How to Think Like a Utopian. Bregman is a young Dutch historian who wrote UTOPIA FOR REALISTS (which I blogged about here) and more recently HUMANKIND: A … Continue reading

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Thought Leaders

A couple days ago I was dipping into Peter Singer’s latest book, Ethics in the Real World: 82 Brief Essays on Things That Matter, and saw him mention something about his being a “thought leader” according to some German outfit … Continue reading

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