Family History Photos

More to come

  • My parents’ 1950s High School Yearbooks
    In Cambridge, Illinois
  • My Mother’s 1954 Passport
    For my parents’ trip to live in England; includes baby pic of me for return trip in 1957.
  • 1954 Cambridge
    My parents, at ages 20 or 21; my Uncle Bob, at maybe 19 or 20; and other unidentified people
  • 1957 and later, Cambridge
    Family in Cambridge, on at least three visits to Illinois, in 1957, 1958, and 1959.
  • 1957 Apple Valley Apartment
    Views from the apartment; pics of me at age 2(?)
  • Family at 1st Apple Valley House
    Parents, 4-year-old Mark, infant Sue (thus likely latter part of 1958); visiting Grandpa and Grandma Kelly; Tammy the dog; a cat on my lap
  • 1962 Family Pics in Apple Valley.
    Me and my 4-year birthday cake; many of Sue, mother, and me posing in front of the house; two of baby Lisa (I think)
  • 1962 Family Pics in Santa Monica.
    Our house there; father’s office building; infant Lisa; Bel Air fire.
  • 1964 Family Pics
    Family portrait in the driveway of the Reseda house, with baby Kevin
  • 1979 Tullahoma Trip
    Where my parents and two younger siblings lived; my first visit there. House, Kevin and piano and dog, river mill, Huntsville space center.
  • 1979 Family Pics
    Some of the earliest photos I took with my first camera — photos, circa 1979 and 1980, of Kevin, Lisa, my father, and “Grammie”.
  • 1983 Pool Party
    At my Uncle Bob’s house, with Paula and Denny and new baby, Grammie, Kevin.