These pages contain family photos taken by my father when I was young, and photos I’ve taken myself over the years. Initially I’ll post early family photos with some narrative about the people and places in them.

28 April 2017: here’s an outline of planned photo sets, from scans of my father’s slides, that I’ll be posting in the next few weeks.

  • 1954: Cambridge. Mostly of parents.
  • 1958: Cambridge. Parents, grandparents, cousins, me and Paula in matching suits, Sue here perhaps?
  • 1958: Apple Valley apartment. Three of the view from the apartment; three of me.
  • Narrative: Apple Valley History. The house on the hill; Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; the Apple Valley Inn.
  • 1959: First Apple Valley House. Maps to show where Apple Valley is; photos of the house and views from the house; some speculation and detective work to narrow down where the house must have been, since it doesn’t exist anymore.
  • 1959: People at First Apple Valley House. Parents, me and baby Sue; visiting Kelly grandparents; me, pool, dogs, a cat; Christmas 1958.
  • 1960: Second Apple Valley House. Only a few of the house, and of the interior; outdoor shots of Helen, me, Sue, several of Sue alone including in that blue velvet dress; my birthday cake and cars; a mysterious birthday party
  • 1960: Apple Valley Landscapes. Five landscapes; two of the road through Cajon Pass (before I-15 was built there).
  • 1960: Apple Valley Wildflowers. 20 shots, all sepia faded, maybe not worth posting.
  • 1960?: Giant Rock. Five photos of a family visit to Giant Rock, at the time operated by someone who claimed he had been visited by people from Venus.
  • 1961: Santa Monica. 19 shots, several of the house we rented there; couple of the Bigbees’ house; of father’s office building; three of Helen, toddler Sue, and baby Lisa; couple of Bel Air fire from father’s office.
  • 1962: Reseda. Four posed family portraits of parents, Mark, Sue, Lisa (presumably using camera on timer).
  • 1964: Reseda Family Pics. The Reseda house, many photos of Helen and kids, including now baby Kevin; our Chevelle.
  • a few miscellaneous others from 1964 and 1965
  • There are more as yet unscanned slides from later years: Cambridge, our Illinois house, our return to California in 1971; then family vacations in the years up until I graduated from college, in 1977, and the family moved to Tennessee in early 1978 while I stayed in California.
  • After that there are many boxes of slides — still in their small yellow cardboard boxes they come in from the developing shop — of Tennessee and family events there.
  • The earliest of my own photos start around 1979, when I acquired my own camera. These have not yet been scanned; they’re glossy snapshots mounted in photo albums. These include photos of Uncle Bob, Grammie, Sue, and Lisa at the time; and a set of photos from my visit to Tullahoma in ’79 or ’80, some of the house, some of Kevin playing the piano or playing with the dog (Tina, the Samoyed).